The Selection Process 

While successful Retailers come from a variety of backgrounds, there are a number of characteristics that they share. Our selection process is designed to identify these qualities.

The candidates we are looking for have a passion for exception customer service and have a good understanding of how a business operates including how to increase sales.  They also understand key financial principles and can demonstrate strong leadership in managing a team.

The Steps to Becoming a Retailer

Step 1
Go to the apply online page and complete our initial screening phase. You will then be told if you have been successful and can move to the next step.

Step 2
If you have successfully completed the initial phase of the screening, you will be contacted by our Retailer Selection Team by e-mail and asked to complete a detailed online application where you will need to provide extensive financial information.

Step 3
If your locations of choice are available and your application has been approved you will be contacted for a preliminary interview. The interview is designed to highlight specific competencies that lead to success as a Retailer..

Step 4
If you have a high potential for success as a Retailer and your location of choice is available, you will meet with the Regional Business Manager for a second interview. Following the interview a decision will be made as to your suitability as a Retailer.

Step 5
The Regional Business Manager will make an offer and review pertinent information regarding the specific site being offered.