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1. If I contact a Category Business Manager can I expect a phone call back?
Category Business Managers (CBMs) conduct product reviews bi-annually, annually, or at intervals greater than a year.  The timing for reviews depends on the type of product.
There may not be a need for the CBM to contact you at the time you submit your information.  If they are interested in having you submit a proposal, they will contact you at the appropriate time.
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2. Can Canadian Tire receive products coming from anywhere in the world?
Canadian Tire has authorized ports throughout the world, along with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and agents in India and Mexico.  Where appropriate, we are willing to work with prospective vendors to source from locations where we do not currently receive product.  However, Canadian Tire will not receive products from locations where Canada has an Economic Sanction against that country.
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3. My company has never sent or received electronic documents before. Will we still be able to do business with CTC?
Yes.  Canadian Tire does require Suppliers to exchange documents electronically, but we work with our Suppliers to determine the most appropriate system option.

The type of documents that this will include would be Forecasts, Purchase Orders, PO Changes, Ship Notices, Invoices and other documents related to transportation planning.
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4. Will I be provided training if selected to provide products to Canadian Tire?
If selected you will receive more information about how Canadian Tire operates in areas such as Supply Chain and Accounts Payable.  You may be contacted by Canadian Tire team members to be set up on key processes and receive training support (e.g. to enable your successful first shipment).
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5. Can I supply product to one store?
Canadian Tire is a national retailer and expects our suppliers to have capacity to supply for all of our retail stores based on our demand requirements.