New Vendor 


  A company in which Canadian Tire may one day purchase product from.

As a new Vendor you will receive access to the Vendor Gateway and the Data Vault.

What is Vendor Gateway?

The Vendor Gateway is used for sourcing activities such as Requests for Quote (RFQ) and capturing contractual information.  You will use the Vendor Gateway to quote on your product assortment.

What is the Data Vault?

The Data Vault is used to capture and store product attributes and non-contractual information.  You will use the Data Vault to provide us with SKU level details like brand, packaging, etc.


Registration for Vendor Gateway and the Data Vault is completed in Vendor Gateway.  A separate registration request for the Data Vault is not required.

To register your company as a Vendor follow the steps below:

1. Complete the vendor registration form in Vendor Gateway - Click "HERE".

2. Once you have received your log-in, register you shipping locations in Vendor Gateway - Click "HERE".

3. You are now ready to participate in Canadian Tire Sourcing events through Vendor Gateway. See Existing Vendor page to log-in. 

Note: Once your registration has been accepted you will be provided with a logon id and password. The logon id and password that you will receive will be used to access both the Vendor Gateway and the Data Vault.