Purchase Agreement Elements 

Canadian Tire’s Vendor Package consists of a number of documents that a Supplier (also called Vendor) must complete when providing a quote for the first time and when making updates to their product assortment. Suppliers are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information provided.

Purchase Information and Documentation Requirements

  • The Purchase Agreement signed by an authorized signing officer of the Supplier/Vendor.
  • The Product Quotation Form contains all the details Canadian Tire requires to evaluate a quotation.
  • The Vendor Support Agreement lists all discounts, allowance, and rebates applicable to the products being quoted.
  • The Product Safety Information Form is required for all products. Canadian Tire also requires a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all products that are potentially hazardous in nature.
  • The Supplier Code of Business Conduct certification form must be signed by an authorized signing officer. Go to the Supplier Code of Conduct page to read more about Canadian Tire’s principles of ethical business conduct.
  • The Supply Chain Security Requirements survey provides Canadian Tire with information about a Supplier’s supply chain processes, procedures and security profile. It also includes information about the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and Partners in Protection initiatives. You will be requested to provide supporting documents along with the completed information.
  • The Application Parts Catalogue Requirements Form is applicable for all automotive parts Suppliers. Suppliers are required to subscribe to third party parts catalogue distributors designated by Canadian Tire. Non-automotive parts Suppliers are exempt from completing these documents.

Suppliers must provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance (Insurance Indemnification). Canadian Tire requires its Suppliers to obtain and maintain general liability insurance coverage at the Supplier’s sole expense, from a company or companies satisfactory to Canadian Tire.