Supplier Code of Business Conduct 

Canadian Tire has a long-standing reputation for integrity and trustworthiness amongst its stakeholders. The Company’s reputation depends on the way in which it conducts its business and its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The Supplier Code of Business Conduct (SCBC) is a key part of Canadian Tire’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and ethical business sourcing practices. The SCBC clearly articulates Canadian Tire’s core values, principles and expectations of our Suppliers. It includes standards and policies on child labour, harassment/discrimination/abuse, work conditions, wages, health and safety, environment, bribery, etc. 

Canadian Tire expects that all Suppliers, including their sub-contractors, are in full compliance with the SCBC. The SCBC is supported by an audit process that includes training and education to help Suppliers understand and apply all policies.

Canadian Tire will strive to work with Suppliers on corrective action plans in the event of an audit failure. However there are situations that will result in termination of Canadian Tire’s business relationship with the Supplier. Canadian Tire also considers certain categories of the SCBC as “zero tolerance”. They include, but are not limited to child labour or forced/slave labour, discrimination/harassment/abuse, or bribery of a Canadian Tire employee or representative.  

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