Submission Process 

The Steps to Becoming a Canadian Tire Product Supplier

Step 1: Register Your Company in the Canadian Tire Vendor Gateway
Click "HERE" to begin your registration process.

Instructions can be found on the registration page. You will be notified if your registration has been accepted.

Step 2: Participate in a Line Review
If you advance to this step, you will need to view training modules and documents that will guide you through this process. Upon completion, you will receive a Vendor Gateway login and temporary password to the email address you provided in the registration process.

You will then need to add all shipping locations to your company profile.

When a line review begins, you will be invited via the Vendor Gateway, to respond to an RFQ (Request for Quote).

Step 3: Contract Negotiations
The Category Business Manager, Shanghai or Hong Kong offices will invite selected Suppliers to meet and discuss their proposal.

Negotiations may be conducted on items such as quote cost, discounts, allowances and rebates, etc.  The Category Business Manager will finalize their decisions regarding which Suppliers and products they will include in their assortment. If selected, you will be asked to submit a final, signed contract.

Step 4: On Boarding
If you are selected, and after the final contract has been signed, you will receive more information about how Canadian Tire operates in areas such as Supply Chain and Accounts Payable. You may be contacted by other Canadian Tire team members to be set up on key processes and receive training support (e.g. to enable your successful first shipment).