Supplier Requirements 

Product and Program Requirements

Suppliers must understand and adhere to Canadian standards and all regulatory requirements, including any product and/or category specific requirements; for example, those specified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Suppliers are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance (insurance indemnification). 

Canadian Tire may audit Supplier facilities, test and inspect Supplier merchandise, among other things, to ensure it meets both Canadian Tire and Canadian regulatory requirements for performance, safety, structural packaging, and reliability.

Canadian Tire requires the cooperation of Suppliers in the implementation of product and packaging stewardship programs, which may include funding and cost recovery. 

Language Requirements

Canada is a bilingual country, with English and French as it two official languages. Therefore all consumer unit packaging, whether it is a Canadian Tire retail brand or a supplier’s own brand, must be bilingual and in compliance with all Canadian language laws.

French and English must appear as prominently as any other language on products, their containers and wrappings, and documents or objects supplied with them, including directions and warranties.

Packaging Requirements

The goal of our Packaging Standards is to ensure product moves from the Supplier’s facility to Canadian Tire stores in the best possible condition through safe and efficient handling.  We want to ensure that the consumer packaging is protected during the various types of handling required for product flow. 

Packaging should also take into account the environmental impacts across the packaging supply and recovery chains.  Strategies to consider include:

    1. Planning & Design –consider sustainable design criteria in the packaging development stage.  A reduction in packaging materials combined with a reduction in cube can lead to significant cost savings
    2. Material Sourcing – Maximize the use of recycled content where possible, cost effective, and not detrimental to the function of the package or packaged product
    3. Elimination and Reduction – Packaging should be manufactured so that volume and weight is limited to the minimum amount required to maintain the necessary level of product protection, safety and hygiene. 
    4. Recovery and Recyclability – Packaging should be designed in such a way as to maximize its potential for recovery and recycling at end-of-life

Supply Chain Requirements

All Suppliers must adhere to Canadian Tire’s Supply Chain requirements and shipment quality standards, including Supply Chain security requirements.

There are also some unique requirements depending on where Suppliers ship.

Domestic (Canada, United States, Mexico)

  •  In most cases, Canadian Tire picks up shipments at our Domestic Suppliers locations. As a result we have processes and forms that are unique, for example, RPA forms (Request for Pick Up or Appointment). 
  • Canadian Tire requires compliance with all government and regulatory requirements for Customs documentation and border agency controls.

Offshore (outside of North America)

  • Canadian Tire is partnered with an exclusive 3rd party logistics supplier to manage our Offshore shipments.
  • Canadian Tire uses FOB (free on board) freight terms. Ownership of goods transfers to Canadian Tire once the goods are on board the vessel at the port of load. As such, Canadian Tire is responsible for transportation to the final destination as well as Customs clearance into Canada.

Supplier Compliance programs are in place for both Domestic and Offshore Suppliers. Training programs are in place to help Suppliers understand and comply with our Supply Chain requirements.

System Requirements

Canadian Tire requires suppliers to electronically trade Forecasts, Purchase Orders, PO Changes, Ship Notices, Invoices and other documents related to transportation planning. 

Suppliers must be able to transmit and receive these required Canadian Tire electronic documents through Canadian Tire’s web enabled system. 

Suppliers must also be able to communicate with Canadian Tire via e-mail.