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Talent & Culture

Our Commitment

We are committed to being a retailer that attracts and retains the best talent because our people are proud of the work they do and the community of which they are a part.

At CTC, our employees have a collective ambition: We Are Here to Make Life in Canada Better. We attract and retain the best talent because our people believe in our Brand Purpose and know that the work they do is bigger than themselves.

Our Company’s long-term success is anchored in our people and our consistent ability to recruit and retain dedicated individuals of all backgrounds, abilities and skillsets. We are committed to enacting our Core Value "inclusion is a must" as part of our recruitment and retention strategies, ensuring equity and diversity are infused into everything we do.

We know that investing in our employees’ financial, physical, and mental well-being is the best way we can support our business. We are committed to designing and delivering an inclusive and meaningful employee experience that empowers our employees to achieve their fullest potential and highest performance. This includes providing opportunities for growth and development, fostering transparency, and cultivating a healthy pipeline of talent. To support this, in 2022, we are implementing a new cloud-based enterprise employee experience platform which will deliver greater accessibility, inclusion, and equal access to information and opportunities for all our employees across the organization.

We also continue to evolve the way we work. In our flexible work environment work model, we are committed to fostering a culture of connection, purpose, and belonging for our employees. We are proud to create experiences that allow our people to bring our Core Values to life.

Our team composition in 20211

Infographic of full team members within Canadian Tire Corporation in 2021

We Are Here to Make Life in Canada Better by offering a wide variety of attractive and fulfilling employment opportunities across the country, fostering an inclusive work environment where belonging thrives, and investing in our employees’ personal growth and development.

Our Approach


We are cultivating a talent development and learning ecosystem that supports our people to achieve their highest performance and fullest potential

We are investing in our talent, both for today and the years to come. Our people development and learning ecosystem supports all our employees to achieve their highest performance and fullest potential in a way that brings our Brand Purpose and Core Values to life and enables the achievement of our business goals.

The growth and development of our employees is crucial to our continued success, and when our team members succeed, we succeed. At CTC, we encourage our employees to take personal ownership for their development with the support of people leaders. Individual development planning is an ongoing practice of identifying meaningful development goals in service of our employees’ success in both their current role and in their longer-term career goals. Our people leaders have access to leadership resources that equip them to conduct meaningful development conversations and provide guidance on creating effective development opportunities for their teams.

A variety of resources and tools are available to enable the development of all our employees, including targeted development opportunities, self assessment tools, 360 feedback, personal coaching and over 12,000 learning programs offered through our ever-evolving virtual learning hub, Triangle Learning Academy. Our Triangle Learning Academy offers on demand learning experiences that employees can access in support of upskilling and reskilling, the enhancement of individual and team effectiveness, role-specific and organizational capabilities, as well as leadership development and growth.

Our values in action: outcomes drive us

In 2021, our teams were involved in numerous development and learning activities. This form of employee engagement increases job satisfaction and earning potential, while strengthening the skillset of our employees and the competitiveness of our enterprise.

Canadian Tire Corporation's professional development in 2021


interactions with learning content in 2021

Canadian Tire Corporation's professional development in 2021


pieces of learning content within our learning platform in 2021

In addition to our focus on employee growth and development, CTC is committed to talent practices that enable talent mobility and equal access to career opportunities. These opportunities support our employees’ personal and professional growth while also building a strong pipeline of talent with the skills and capabilities that are critical to our future success.

CTC’s approach to performance management has also evolved. Our performance management program places equal importance on outcomes and the way they are achieved. Employees are accountable for embodying our Core Values and the behaviours associated with living our Brand Purpose. Emphasis is placed on performance conversations, where managers adopt a coaching mindset in service of their team’s success, and where employees have greater ownership of their own career paths and development.


We are building a workplace for the future

Maple Leaf

At CTC, we are embracing a flexible work environment that, where the role permits, leverages a combination of working in-person at a CTC campus and virtually from home or elsewhere. Determined by managers, decisions around work location are made based on business and team needs.

Our campuses are valuable assets that we use for co-creation, collaboration and deepening new or existing relationships. We will continue to enhance our spaces to support our flexible work model. We are making the most of this opportunity by reimagining our campuses to support specific tasks, inspire creativity, enable collaboration and meet the evolving needs of our business and employees. We have opened new concept spaces to test and learn and will continue to enable our flexible work environment vision in all our campuses across the country.

Flexible ways of working and the ability to connect with others virtually is creating a more equal playing field to share ideas, seek input and brainstorm with others. We continue to learn how to make deliberate choices based on outcomes and to be mindful of the impacts those choices have on productivity, collaboration and well-being.


We are creating a culture that emphasizes employees’ well-being so that we can be stronger together

We believe that to attract and retain the best, we need to offer the best. We reward our employees’ contributions through fair pay, valuable benefits and paid time off. Our Total Rewards program supports the holistic wellness of our employees, focusing on their physical, mental and financial well-being. CTC is dedicated to fostering a workplace that reinforces positive and healthy behaviours and work-life balance.

We offer competitive salaries and wages to our employees, as well as store discounts and Canadian Tire Profit Sharing and retirement and savings programs for eligible employees. Medical, dental and mental health benefits are also provided with the option for additional health care coverage to suit different employee and family needs. In addition, we provide our employees with access to services such as virtual healthcare, employee assistance programs, and mental health programs.

Acknowledging the impact that COVID-19 has had on mental health, we recently introduced expanded mental health benefits in the amount of $5,000 per year for benefits-eligible employees. The program also includes learning resources for supporting and managing stress and wellness, tools and resources through the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Not Myself Today program, and our in-house Be Well program which provides eligible employees and their families with resources on total well-being, and mental health and counselling support.

Tropicana event Pictured: Some of our Black Employee Network members participating in wrapping and delivering gifts for disadvantaged Caribbean, Black and African families through Tropicana Community Services.

We prioritize the health and safety of our team

The health and safety of our employees is, and always has been, our top priority. We have strict policies, processes and training that work to address and prevent the potential hazards related to different job functions. We have a number of health and safety protocols in place to protect the well-being of our employees. To support this imperative, CTC implements the following policies and programs:

  • our office locations have obtained the WELL Health-Safety Seal, an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all space types administered by the International WELL Building Institute that focuses on operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and in the future;
  • all employees receive occupational health and safety awareness and safety training specific to their role;
  • safety equipment and personal protective equipment are provided to employees depending on the risks associated with their role;
  • emergency plans and Health and Safety Committees are implemented for all work sites; and
  • we maintain a Prevention of Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Harassment Policy in support of an inclusive work environment in which all individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
Canadian Tire vaccincation clinic

1 Unless otherwise indicated, all references to our employees across our ESG reporting include full-time and part-time employees of CTC, and do not include employees of CT REIT, Dealers, SportChek franchisees, Mark's franchisees and Canadian Tire Petroleum agents.

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