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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating a culture where belonging thrives and diversity, inclusion and equity are infused into everything we do.

Read the 2023 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Year in Review and learn about Canadian Tire Corporation’s journey to a culture of belonging

We are proud of the tremendous progress we have made on our strategic objectives and our key actions to build an equitable and inclusive culture at CTC, rooted in employee1 listening and data. For a deeper dive into all the programs, workshops, activities, partnerships and events we held in 2023, we encourage you to read our inaugural Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Year in Review.


Societies that prioritize equity and inclusion have a proven track record of flourishing and bringing out the best in their individuals and communities. Inclusive, equitable societies are stronger and more resilient, and they provide greater opportunities for personal and community growth. CTC’s current and long-term success hinges on our ability to understand and meet the ever-changing needs of our increasingly diverse customers and communities: customers demand greater transparency and accountability, and timely responses to social issues; employees expect a commitment to stated ESG priorities; and prospective talent seeks an inclusive work culture.

At CTC, we are committed to confronting and breaking down barriers so that DIB is an authentic, valued and embedded part of our Company. In 2020, we began to formalize our DIB activities and, since then, have made meaningful progress with integrating DIB into our enterprise strategy. While many employees have embraced this work, we know we are just getting started. We understand the importance of taking thoughtful action to create authentic, measured, meaningful and sustainable change. We are committed to using our enterprise capabilities to advance equity for all – both inside and outside our walls.

Our values in action: inclusion is a must

Our goal is to build a culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Belonging ensures that we welcome and seek out diverse voices, incorporate new viewpoints and actively create accessible and fair opportunities and experiences that will enable all Canadians to feel more represented and connected. These are our commitments to our employees, customers and communities:

  • Diversity - Increase diversity across the enterprise with special focus on senior leadership levels to promote a robust and representative talent pipeline.
  • Inclusion - Increase training and programming to promote inclusive workplaces and shopping experiences.
  • Belonging - Increase a sense of belonging among our employees and customers.
  • Equity - Increase collaboration with partners to address barriers that make an impact on equity-deserving populations.

Our language of change

Although the terms diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging have become commonplace, they can have different meanings depending on the space and context in which they are used. To create a shared understanding of these terms, we have defined each of them for our use both internally and externally. Click here to learn how we think of these terms.

We Are Here to Make Life in Canada Better by prioritizing the needs and perspectives of employees, customers and communities from equity-deserving backgrounds, in service of our organization’s effort to eliminate systemic barriers and cultivate belonging for all.

Our Approach

Creating equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces and experiences is a shared responsibility. By listening to employees, customers and communities and piloting thoughtful programs and initiatives, we are constantly measuring our outcomes and empowering our people to make a difference themselves. This approach strengthens our position as a top employer, Canada’s preferred retailer and a key community partner. Most importantly, this approach is what fosters our culture of belonging for all.


Increasing diversity and embedding inclusion across the enterprise

Hiring diverse talent is the starting point for our DIB strategy. At CTC, we know that an inclusive and welcoming workplace where employees feel they belong helps them thrive and remain in their roles at our organization. By focusing on diverse representation and building an inclusive culture, we are shifting mindsets in service of customers and making life in Canada better for all.

When employee diversity data and insights are known and considered, talent management strategies can align with the unique needs of equity-deserving communities. From enhancing cultural competency on hiring teams to deploying tools to reduce biases in recruitment efforts, we are connecting people leaders to diverse talent pools. CTC is expanding its partnerships with organizations that work with top talent from diverse backgrounds to ensure a sustainable pipeline and development activities for prospective candidates and hiring managers. Through partnerships, we are also contributing to more representation in our industry and in the country, and providing programs to help bridge gaps.

We measure employee diversity data and DIB sentiment through an annual DIB Survey2 administered by an independent third-party partner, collecting insights on demographics and belonging. The results from our DIB Survey allow us to view scores for small populations and measure trends over time. Our 2022 survey, which was open to all full-time and part-time employees at CTC and its subsidiaries (not including Helly Hansen) on a voluntary basis, was completed by 53% of employees – a number we are looking to grow in future years through increased engagement with employees.

2SLGBTQIA+ Visible Minority Indigenous Have a Disability
CTC Representation1 7% 20% 3% 7%
CTC Representation1
Visible Minority 20%
Indigenous 3%
Have a Disability 7%

Our strategy to increase diversity is anchored in our Diverse Workforce Plan. To make CTC a desired place to innovate, learn and grow, this plan leverages high-impact talent management practices to create an attractive work environment and engage employees in career advancement opportunities. The key components of our Diverse Workforce Plan are:

  • Attract – bringing highly skilled diverse talent to CTC’s workforce
  • Retain – creating inclusive and engaging spaces that promote connection
  • Develop – accelerating leadership growth and expanding networks

To ensure that we have a robust pipeline of talent, we continue to build mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations that work with top talent from equity-deserving backgrounds. For example, in 2022, we hosted a job fair with Ukrainian newcomers to support our hiring needs for retail and supply chain talent. Further, in partnership with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, we are creating a pipeline of professionals for our teams, while enhancing talent mobility and retention. This will be achieved through a series of workshops designed for newcomers and their managers in 2023.

We also know that an inclusive and welcoming workplace is critical to ensuring that equity-deserving employees thrive in their roles and choose to continue their careers with CTC long term. Our commitment to DIB is grounded in the belief that every employee deserves to feel valued, respected and supported. We have developed specific initiatives and opportunities to support the retention of employees from equity-deserving backgrounds. For example, in 2022:

  • We launched the first two cohorts of CivicMatch, in partnership with the CivicAction Leadership Foundation. CivicMatch connects senior leaders with rising leaders from equity-deserving backgrounds for mentorship, networking and coaching. In 2022, 79 rising leaders and 16 senior leaders participated in the program.
  • We offered the Connected Leaders Academy programs by McKinsey & Company for employees who self-identify as Black, Asian or Hispanic/Latino. These programs support the development of executive and management capabilities. In 2022, 165 employees participated in these programs.

Cultivating greater belonging

Belonging is a necessary aspect of life: when people feel like they belong, they can fully be their best selves to their colleagues, customers and communities. While companies in the sector have been taking varied approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion, at CTC, our goal is to create a culture of belonging.

Focusing only on equity, diversity or inclusion prevents employers and communities from accessing the benefits of belonging. When equity, diversity and inclusion are equally addressed, we experience belonging: the optimal space in which people feel genuinely seen, heard and accepted as they are, and, in turn, can achieve their full potential and drive innovation within their teams and communities.

By measuring the sense of belonging across the Company, we can know if we are headed in the right direction. In our 2022 DIB Survey, which was voluntarily completed by 53% of eligible employees, employees rated our work more favourably in several areas compared to the 2021 survey. We achieved the following scores, each out of a total of 100 points:



+3 over previous year

Q: I feel a sense of belonging at CTC.



+7 over previous year

Q: CTC values different perspectives.



-1 over previous year

Q: I feel comfortable being myself at work.



+3 over previous year

Q: At Canadian Tire Corporation, opportunities for career advancement are not limited by race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education or other demographic categories.



+1 over previous year

Q: I can speak to my manager if I hear or see something I do not think is right.



+1 over previous year

Q: I work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

To support a sense of belonging, we work with our employees to establish networks for ongoing connection and equip them with tools to create inclusive work environments across the enterprise. We provide employees with opportunities to come together and build community through programs, workshops and events. These include:

Enterprise-wide events icon

Enterprise-wide events

Enterprise-wide events encourage employees to learn and reflect while creating a venue for representation for employees from equity-deserving communities. In 2022, we hosted 18 DIB-related events, with over 8,400 attendees in total.

Educational programming icon

Educational programming

Through workshops, consultations and learning programs, people leaders and employees are developing core competencies that will empower them to embed equity, diversity and inclusion in their work and business units to drive belonging. In 2022, almost 300 employees attended learning workshops and brought their learnings back to their teams for wider dissemination.

Employee Resource Groups icon

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are voluntary employee-led groups that receive funding and support to help our employees build community among people with shared cultures, identities and experiences. As of 2022, we had 10 ERGs, with four new groups welcomed that year:

  • The Indigenous Peoples Employee Network (TIPEN)
  • Mental Health Matters @ CTC
  • The Latinx and Hispanic Network at the Tire (LAHNAT)
  • EN-ABLE (for employees with disabilities and caregivers of persons with disabilities)
Legacy Space education corner –
2180 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

Spotlight on mental health

CTC is committed to prioritizing mental health and well-being by cultivating psychologically safe environments that promote a sense of belonging. Employees across the enterprise, and more specifically, employees from equity-deserving communities, thrive in environments free from microaggressions, unconscious bias and other stressors that impact their mental health and psychological safety at work. In partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, we are developing an enterprise-wide intersectional mental health strategy to support employees, which will launch in 2023.

As we listen to and learn from our employees, customers and communities, we will continue to develop programs and strategies to support the growth, development and connection of our diverse teams.

Wheelchair accessible police car Halloween costume

1 All references to employees in this section exclude employees of Helly Hansen.

2 The DIB Survey is administered annually in March and April by an independent third-party partner to collect diversity metrics, insights and measure the feeling of belonging across the organization. In 2022, it was open to all full-time and part-time employees of CTC and its subsidiaries (not including Helly Hansen) on a voluntary basis and had a participation rate of 53%. CTC will continue to review how to incorporate all employees into future DIB surveys.

3 Catalyst, Women in Management, 2022.

4 The World Bank, Labour Market Assessment, 2022.

5 Senior Roles at CTC refers to leaders of the organization responsible for operations, profitability, significant Business Units and functional oversight at the SVP, EVP and C-suite Level.

Unless otherwise indicated, information in this ESG Report is provided for the 2022 fiscal year. For further information on our approach to ESG reporting, including our Glossary, which sets out definitions of capitalized terms and acronyms that are not otherwise defined on this page, and our forward-looking information disclaimer, please click here.