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Talent & Culture

Our Commitment

We are committed to being a retailer that attracts and retains the best talent because our people are proud of the work they do and the community they are a part of.

Our Company is only as strong as our people. Our long-term success is anchored in our consistent ability to attract, develop and retain dedicated individuals of all backgrounds, abilities and skill sets. We are committed to designing and delivering an inclusive and meaningful employee experience that empowers our employees to achieve their fullest potential. This includes providing opportunities for growth and development and cultivating a healthy pipeline of talent while leading through new ways of working. We know that investing in our employees’ financial, physical and mental well-being is the best way to support both them and our business. Visit our Careers page to learn about working at CTC and available career opportunities.

Our enterprise-wide team composition in 20221

Chart showing the total of CTC team composition in 2022, as well as the breakdown between full-time and part-time employees

Chart showing CTC team composition in 2022.In 2022, there were 34,665 total employees with 13,861 of those being full-time and 20,804 being part-time. Chart shows part time employees make up roughly 60% of total employees and full-time make up 40%.

We Are Here to Make Life in Canada Better by offering a wide variety of attractive and fulfilling employment opportunities across the country, fostering an inclusive work environment where belonging thrives, and investing in our employees’ personal development.

Our Approach

At CTC, our talent strategy is grounded in our Core Values and our Brand Purpose. We’re proud of our investment in talent development, our purpose-driven hybrid model, the engagement of our teams and our progress in attracting and retaining a more diverse pipeline of talent.

Our 2022 eVoice2 results

The voice of our employees informs our people and culture priorities.

Canadian Tire Corporation's professional development in 2021


employees participated


our 2022 engagement score, a record high and a four-point increase over 2021


our 2022 “Intent to stay”3 score

Engagement is important at CTC, as engaged employees look forward to coming to work, know their responsibilities, and understand how their efforts contribute to the success of the business. By listening to our employees, we can create meaningful employee experiences while supporting our business goals. Our annual employee engagement survey, eVoice, is the main vehicle we use to listen to our employees’ feedback and measure their levels of engagement. Our eVoice results allow us to understand the health of our culture and the effectiveness of our talent strategies, and inform our people and culture priorities:

Bringing our Core Values and Brand Purpose to life

Creating an inclusive and meaningful experience for current and prospective talent

Leading through new ways of working

Supporting our employees’ well-being


Bringing our Core Values and Brand Purpose to life

Our Core Values

  • We are innovators and entrepreneurs at our core.
  • Outcomes drive us.
  • Inclusion is a must.
  • We are stronger together.
  • We take personal responsibility.

Our Core Values are a representation of our fundamental beliefs. They define who we are as a Company and how we show up for each other, our customers, our partners and our communities. We are focused on galvanizing our global employees around them and embedding them within our talent practices and all aspects of our employee experience to drive awareness and engagement. This includes our new performance management program, where employees’ performance ratings are grounded in both the achievement of goals and how they embody our Core Values every day.

Our highest ever eVoice engagement score of 77, a four-point increase from 2021, tells us that employees have a deep sense of pride in working for a Canadian company that stands by its Brand Purpose, lives its Core Values and recognizes its employees.


Creating an inclusive and meaningful experience for current and prospective talent

Our organization’s success is anchored in our people. For that reason, it is important for us to attract top talent that is representative of our communities. In our 2022 eVoice survey, sentiment regarding excitement for CTC’s future was 73, up two points from the previous year. When employees are excited about the future of CTC, they feel their work is more meaningful and are more likely to stay. We also ensure that our Total Rewards offering to employees, which includes compensation, benefits, retirement and savings plans and more, remains competitive in the talent market and meets the talent attraction and retention needs of our different business areas.

Some of the ways that we are attracting and supporting talent that’s representative of our communities include:

  • Leadership in Logistics: We’re proud to have partnered with North York Harvest Food Bank to create a program for upskilling and training food bank clients in preparation and support of finding meaningful employment. As part of this program, we work to find full- time placements for these individuals in our distribution centres.
  • Ukrainian evacuee job fair: One of our Calgary distribution centres and local SportChek and Mark’s stores participated in a Ukrainian evacuee job fair to help newcomers secure employment. Through this event, we hired 100 individuals.
  • New retail rotational programs: A program where internal and external talent can learn first-hand what a future in retail is all about, while getting a chance to enhance their current experience.
  • Supporting early-career opportunities for students: In 2022, we made a concerted effort to increase engagement at college and university campuses across the country by supporting case competitions, hosting events, participating in student work programs and helping students learn about our business.
Group of people, including man in wheelchair gathered around table in discussion

We support the development of our employees to help them achieve their fullest potential

At CTC, we encourage our employees to take personal ownership of their development with the support of people leaders. Individual development planning is an ongoing process of identifying meaningful development goals in service of our employees’ success in both their current roles and their longer-term career goals.

A variety of resources and tools are available to enable the development of all our employees, including targeted development opportunities, self-assessment tools, 360-degree feedback and personal coaching. Our Triangle Learning Academy offers 12,000 learning programs and on-demand learning experiences that employees can access in support of upskilling and reskilling, individual and team effectiveness, role-specific and organizational capabilities, and leadership development and growth.

In 2022, we had over 1,150 instances of employees engaging with our leadership development programs. We continued to invest in the development of our employees by embedding our Core Values in all aspects of our learning and development programs. Some examples include:

  • Core Values Behaviours Learning Series – 39 new courses were created to help employees build the skills and capabilities that underpin our Core Values behaviours.
  • Coaching for People Leaders Program – Offered twice in 2022, this program equipped our people leaders with the tools they need to help their team members achieve high-performance outcomes and reach their fullest potential.
  • Connected Leadership Development Program – To drive accelerated leadership impact, this program is focused on enhancing leadership and collaboration skills of our senior leaders.

Supporting our employees’ well-being

We prioritize our employees’ well-being by continuing to implement tools and provide resources that help employees take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Employees who feel cared for at work are more likely to be happy in their roles and to recommend CTC as a great place to grow their careers.

At CTC, we prioritize family, as it’s the foundation of our organization. We continually introduce and evaluate programs to ensure they serve our employees’ and their families’ wellness. For instance, for our Canadian employees, we harmonized the Flex Days Program in 2022, offering eligible employees eight paid days off a year. Employees can take the time when it’s important and best supports them to address personal illness, focus on personal well-being and disconnect from work, address family emergencies, or recognize a cultural day of significance.

Additional examples of how we prioritized our employees’ wellness in 2022 include:

  • Updating our Triangle Flex benefits offering to ensure we are providing employees with flexibility and supporting the individual needs of our diverse workforce. Employees can access the level of health and dental benefits that meets their needs as well as expanded benefits such as mental health resources.
  • Launching Wellness Month, which provided employees with resources to support their physical, financial and mental well-being through an in-person Wellness Fair and numerous educational sessions.
  • Launching the “Disconnect to Reconnect” program across the organization to encourage balance and employee well-being in service of our hybrid work model, including strategies to help employees manage their time and a policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting employees’ personal time.

1 Unless otherwise indicated, all references to our employees across our ESG reporting include full-time and part-time employees of CTC, and do not include employees of Dealers, franchisees or agents.

2 The eVoice survey is conducted each year to help us understand the health of our culture and the effectiveness of our talent strategies. In 2022, it was open to all full-time and part-time employees of CTC on a voluntary basis and had a participation rate over 70%.

3 This question asked employees if they planned on working at CTC 12 months from the time of the survey.

Unless otherwise indicated, information in this ESG Report is provided for the 2022 fiscal year. For further information on our approach to ESG reporting, including our Glossary, which sets out definitions of capitalized terms and acronyms that are not otherwise defined on this page, and our forward-looking information disclaimer, please click here.