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Jumpstart unveils new Edmonton playground that puts no limits on fun

November 04, 2020

When kids of any ability and background can play together, the gains are unlimited. They all benefit from improved skills, confidence, empathy, connection – and, of course – the joy factor. But a lot of traditional playgrounds are tough if not impossible for everyone to join in. Jumpstart believes that all kids deserve access to sport and play, and that barriers to fun can be removed with a little ingenuity.

Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project does just that – it considers various physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities in children, and creates programs and spaces where those differences aren’t limitations. The latest from Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project was unveiled in Edmonton’s Clareview District Park on October 16th, 2020: a 1,500 square meter accessible playground that’s the first of its kind in the area.

Special features of the Jumpstart Inclusive Playground include:

  • double-wide ramps to accommodate people who use wheelchairs or walkers
  • a roller slide that eliminates static, giving children with cochlear implants a tactile and auditory experience that won’t compromise their hearing devices
  • bucket seat swings with harnesses that provide extra trunk support
  • fully poured-in-place rubber safety surface that reduce noise and the chance of injuries from falls
  • a quiet zone to let children regroup without having to leave

 “Jumpstart playgrounds create an inclusive space where all kids have an equal opportunity to benefit from access to free play,” said Scott Fraser, President, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. “Thank you to both the City and our local Canadian Tire Dealers for their generous support in helping to bring this playground to life for Edmonton and the surrounding community.”

Since 2005, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities has disbursed more than $9.3 million to help approximately 249,000 kids in Edmonton overcome financial and accessibility barriers so that they can participate in sport and recreation. Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project is a $50-million fundraising commitment from Canadian Tire Corporation, and it has built inclusive playgrounds in nearly every province with plans to complete more.


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