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What is Glacier Credit Card Trust? Glacier Structure

What is Glacier Credit Card Trust?

Glacier Credit Card Trust (“Glacier” or the “Trust”) was established as a special purpose trust on March 31, 1995. The name of the Trust was changed from Canadian Tire Receivables Trust to Glacier Credit Card Trust on June 30, 2003. The Trust was established to purchase undivided co-ownership interests (“Ownership Interests”) in the Account Assets and to provide income to the beneficiary of the Trust. Account Assets generally consist of receivables owing under selected Triangle-branded Mastercard credit card accounts, Canadian Tire-branded Mastercard credit card accounts and Canadian Tire credit card accounts. The Trust may acquire from Canadian Tire Bank (“CTB”) from time to time, pursuant to specific Series Purchase Agreements and in accordance with the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, one or more such Ownership Interests, which are sold in “Series”. The Trust finances its purchase of an Ownership Interest of a Series by the creation and issuance of a related series of Notes or other obligations. CTB serves as the “Administrator” and “Servicer” of the Trust.


Glacier Structure