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Canadian Tire 'Money': A History of Loyalty Program Innovation 

Canadian Tire 'Money' Highlights 

  • Canada's oldest loyalty reward program.
  • Twenty one different series of 'Money' and many different versions have been introduced.
  • Made from authentic bank note paper with the same rag content and spot marks as paper currency – Canadian Tire 'Money' incorporates the latest anti-counterfeiting technology.
  • Canadian Tire ‘Money’ is available in denominations of 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 and $2.
  • Over $1 billion Canadian Tire 'Money' notes have been in circulation.
  • Through its loyalty programs, Canadian Tire awards more than $100 million dollars to customers every year.
  • Many communities collect and donate Canadian Tire 'Money' to support local fundraising efforts.

The History of Canadian Tire 'Money'

1958: Canadian Tire 'Money' introduced, pioneering the loyalty program concept. Conceived by Muriel Billes, wife of Canadian Tire's co-founder, A.J. Billes, the coupons featured a happy tire and dollar sign running hand-in-hand, a Canadian Tire logo dating back to 1926.

1961: Sandy McTire character, designed by employee Bernie Freeman, introduced on Canadian Tire 'Money'; still pictured today.

1961: Canadian Tire 'Money' extended to customers at Canadian Tire stores and printed on genuine bank note paper by the British American Bank Note Company.

2000: Canadian Tire 'Money' On The Card upgrades the loyalty program once again; Canadian Tire Options MasterCard customers earn Canadian Tire 'Money' On The Card electronically, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

2010: Canadian Tire 'Money' launches a special series of three coins, manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint, showcasing Canadian family winter moments.

2012: Canadian Tire pilots Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage, a new loyalty offering in Nova Scotia that allows customers to collect points for purchases at Canadian Tire stores and gas bars.

2014: Canadian Tire introduces My Canadian Tire ‘Money’, a national loyalty program allowing customers to earn e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ in their My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ account by purchasing merchandise or automotive services at Canadian Tire and  Customers simply show their Canadian Tire Mobile App, program card or key fob with their method of payment, or pay with a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard to collect e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’.  And just like paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’, e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ has no expiry date and can be shared with other members.

In addition, customers who use their Canadian Tire Options MasterCard collect 10x the e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ across Canadian Tire’s family of companies (Canadian Tire retail locations and online at, Mark’s, PartSource, Sport Chek and Sports Experts).

The digital rewards program complements paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’, which remains in circulation.

Did you Know?
The man on a Canadian Tire 'Money' bill is named Sandy McTire.