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Becoming a Dealer at Canadian Tire Retail

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Becoming a Canadian Tire Dealer means becoming a leader in the community you serve. It’s about staying relevant – offering what they want, how they want it - for the jobs and joys of life in Canada.

What it takes to become a Dealer

Successful candidates possess exceptional business and financial acumen. They are highly self-motivated, hands-on individuals who know how to lead people while managing their store’s inventory, operations and financials. They are innovative risk-takers who also have strong analytical skills and have a passion for serving customers and the community. Finally, they have the ability to adapt to change or thrive with uncertainty.


To be considered, all applicants are required to submit a personal statement of their net worth. If selected, they must inject all of their personal equity into the business (up to 25% of the value of store and fixed assets) or a minimum of $125k to become a Dealer.

For successful candidates, your first store is assigned by CTC and may be either an existing location or a new build. The land and building are owned by Canadian Tire Corporation, and a licensing fee (percentage of sales) is charged to the Dealer. Depending on their language preference, successful candidates must be willing to relocate anywhere in English or French speaking Canada.

Dealer mobility, the process by which Dealers assume the operation of different store locations across the country, is a critical part of Canadian Tire’s success. It inspires Dealers to succeed by rewarding high performers with the opportunity to move to a more profitable store - thus invigorating the entire network.

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Dealer Selection Process

This multi-step process will begin once an online application form has been submitted.

Interview Process

If chosen, you will take part in a pre-screening telephone interview. Your business acumen, leadership abilities and overall fit will be assessed.

Stage 1

A Canadian Tire Dealer Selection Representative will be in contact to conduct an interview (via telephone).

Stage 2

If successful, you will be invited to attend an assessment session where you will have the opportunity to further demonstrate the business skills and leadership characteristics you would be bringing to Canadian Tire.

Stage 3

During this final step, you will be interviewed by members of our senior leadership team and representative from our Dealer network.

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Comprehensive training is mandatory for all successful candidates. The training covers the key areas involved in running a Canadian Tire store such as: automotive, finance, leadership, operations, ordering, and inventory management. The training is a blend of instructor-led, virtual and eLearning sessions, extended store placements with on the job training and graded evaluations.

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Do you have questions about becoming a Dealer?

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1. What is the average profitability of a Canadian Tire store?

Canadian Tire Corporation works hard to provide the support and opportunities needed for Dealers to succeed. Ultimately, individual profits depend on a variety of factors, including general economic and market conditions, as well as your skills, resources, personal efforts, and goals.

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2. Can I suggest a location for a future Canadian Tire store?

Our Real Estate team is responsible for determining locations for future Canadian Tire retail locations. As such, we do not accept solicitations for location or site development. This is not a consideration in the Dealer selection process.

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3. Can someone living outside of Canada become a dealer?

You must be legally entitled to work and operate a business in Canada in order to apply to become a Dealer. The hands-on nature of running a Canadian Tire store means that someone living outside of Canada would not be able to perform the duties necessary to build a successful store.

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4. Can I apply with a partner to co-own a Canadian Tire store?

Canadian Tire Corporation enters into personal contracts exclusively with one Dealer. As a result, partnership and joint applications are not accepted. Silent partnerships are also not recognized, and have no legal claim on goods or fixtures in the store or on the property.

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5. Are Canadian Tire stores inheritable?

Canadian Tire Corporation recognizes the Dealer as the sole owner and operator of the store. Spouses, children, or other family members who wish to become Dealers are required to apply to the Dealer selection process in order to determine suitability, and would not be entitled to take over the retiring Dealer’s store location.

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6. What does the application process involve?

Please see the What it takes to become a Dealer section for an overview of the application process.

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