Canadian Tire has a long-standing tradition of operating with integrity and we aspire to be Canada’s most trusted company. To ensure a clear understanding and consistent level of commitment to ethical business practices, the company has a Code of Business Conduct to appropriately direct the actions of all employees and those individuals who act on behalf of the company. In addition, a separate Supplier Code of Business Conduct has been developed to ensure that suppliers have a clear understanding of how Canadian Tire expects to conduct its business with them.

Canadian Tire has a Business Conduct Compliance Program to oversee our Codes of Business Conduct. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding potential breaches, please advise us by contacting one of the reporting options listed below. The Business Conduct Hotline and Web Reporting are operated by a third party and offer anonymous reporting.

Canadian Tire Business Conduct Compliance Office

2180 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4P 2V8
Attention: Manager
Business Conduct Compliance Office (BCCO)

Canadian Tire Business Conduct Hotline
From Canada call toll-free: 1-800-620-6943

Canadian Tire Business Conduct Web Reporting

Business Conduct Compliance

Integrity, honesty and respect are core values at Canadian Tire and we expect that each of our employees and directors will abide by the principles and expectations set out in our Code of Business Conduct (the Code) when conducting business on behalf of the company.

Ethical business conduct is an important component of our positive corporate reputation and the relationship between the company and employees, business partners, customers, investors, and the public. The Code sets out our minimum expectations and accountabilities for managing the risks associated with unethical business conduct.

The Canadian Tire Business Conduct Compliance Office (BCCO) was established in 2005 to oversee the Code’s implementation and compliance. It provides several channels through which individuals can report breaches of the Code (confidentially and anonymously) for investigation and follow-up. The BCCO also provides assistance in interpreting the application of the Code. Employees have been trained to ensure understanding and all employees and directors are required to formally acknowledge and confirm their commitment to abide by the Code’s standards and expectations.