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Automotive Careers

Accelerate your automotive career at Canadian Tire.

What role ignites your passion?

Automotive Apprentice/Installers drive customer loyalty by delivering trustworthy and quality work.

If you are eager to start your career in the automotive industry, the role of Automotive Apprentice or Installer is perfect for you. This position offers hands-on training and mentorship to develop your skills in vehicle repair and installation. Whether you aspire to become a licensed technician or just enjoy working on cars, Canada’s Garage provides a strong career foundation.

Automotive Technicians excel in hands-on problem-solving and diagnostics.

As a member of Canadas Garage you will leverage your skills to diagnose complex automotive problems and find solutions to keep Canadian roads safe and your community moving. Embrace the excitement of working with a diverse range of vehicles and repair challenges every day. Plus, use this as a launching pad to advance within the Canadian Tire automotive division.

Service Advisors fuel customer service and have a passion for automotive.

If you excel at customer service and have a genuine passion for the automotive industry, then this role is perfect for you. Service Advisors play a vital role in ensuring customers receive top-notch service and solutions for their vehicles. Embrace the opportunity to elevate customer satisfaction and drive business growth in the automotive service department. Whether you choose to excel in this role long-term or leverage your experience for other automotive career paths, the possibilities are endless.

Automotive Service Managers lead with vision and expertise.

If your passion lies in coaching and inspiring teams to achieve excellence in automotive service, then the role of Automotive Service Manager is a perfect fit for you. With a proven track record in collaborating and fostering a customer-first culture, Service Managers have a significant impact on the success of our automotive service department. Their leadership impacts their team's experience while creating safer and more enjoyable driving experiences for all Canadians. Thrive in this role over the long term, leveraging your experience within the Canadian Tire automotive division.

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