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Executive Management 

Eugene Roman

Executive Vice-President, Digital Excellence and Technology Advisor
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Eugene Roman is Executive Vice-President, Digital Excellence and Technology Advisor, for Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) and previously served as the Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer since 2012.

Eugene has a passion for connected retailing – the art and science of engaging and serving our customers through digital experiences, whether they choose to shop online or in store. In this role, Eugene analyzes and advises on CTC’s opportunities to adopt new and emerging advanced technologies.

Eugene started his career in telecommunications and has worked for Nortel Networks Corporation, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc., and Open Text Corporation. In progressively senior technology and business roles in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K, Eugene was responsible for integrating critical technology and business processes to better deliver innovative programs. He has also led efforts to increase productivity and improve performance in order to deliver current and ‘next generation’ services more efficiently within a large organization.

Eugene holds a Master’s Degree in Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, is a Certified Management Accountant, and is a recent graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors program. He is a frequent speaker on “The Future of Digital Content” and was recently appointed as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, where he will continue his outstanding work in advancing innovation in Canada. In 2015, Eugene was named CIO of the Year by RIS News and Canada’s CIO of the Year (Private Sector) by Information Technology Association of Canada. He is an industry professor in Design Engineering at McMaster University, and was recently appointed to the Board of Governors at York University, Toronto, Canada.

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