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Executive Management 

Stephen Wetmore
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Stephen Wetmore is President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), Limited. He previously served as CEO of the Company from 2009 – 2014 and was reappointed to the role in July 2016. Throughout his tenure at CTC, Stephen developed and navigated the business strategy, instilled a culture of accountability and invested in initiatives and partnerships that drive the Company’s long-term growth and success.

Stephen’s experience has been shaped by his varied executive responsibilities. With many years of experience working in Europe, as well as in Canada, Stephen has been responsible for regional, national, and international business operations. He has successfully created new and market-changing organizations, built brands, managed relationships and distribution channels and in all of his roles has demonstrated a passion for customer service and innovation.

Prior to joining CTC, Stephen helped to create and served as the President and CEO of Bell Aliant, one of North America’s largest regional telecommunications providers and one of the largest publicly-traded business income trusts in Canada. As Vice Chairman, Corporate and Group President, National Markets with Bell Canada, Stephen was involved in virtually all facets of the organization, overseeing operations across the country and leading corporate functions including finance, marketing and purchasing.

In addition to his extensive experience in telecommunications and information technology, Stephen was President of Air Atlantic and has held executive roles in both the healthcare and public accounting sectors.

Stephen has served on the Board of Directors of Canadian Tire since 2003. Prior to his re-appointment as President and CEO in 2016, Stephen was Deputy Chairman of the Board. He has also served on numerous public company Boards as well as educational and charitable organizations across Canada.


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