For customer relations, please contact:

1-800-387-8803 (English)
1-800-565-3356 (French)

If you have general questions about Canadian Tire, please contact:

Corporate Home Office
2180 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 770, Station K
Toronto, ON M4P 2V8

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The Dealer Experience 

How can becoming a Canadian Tire Dealer improve your odds of business success and help you achieve your ambitions? For starters, Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s most-trusted retailers. A key reason for our success is the business knowledge, commitment and leadership skills of our Dealers. We want to be sure that as a Dealer, you’re able to reach your full potential. That’s how we both succeed. Our Dealer opportunity offers the right combination of independence and teamwork.

See what’s in store for you as a Dealer:

Your Leadership at Work

  • Management of store operations, systems and procedures
  •  Ownership and management of inventory
  • Selection, development and leadership of your own team of employees
  • Administration of store finances 

Your Rewards

  • 100% of your personal investment goes toward the purchase of inventory, fixed assets and training
  • Begin in a small store and progress to larger volume stores through our performance-based mobility system
  • Ongoing marketing and merchandising support
  • Individual profits depend upon a variety of factors, including general economic conditions and efforts of Dealers 

Your Partner: Canadian Tire

  • Owns the land and buildings
  • Charges rent as a percentage of sales
  • Along with the Dealers, shares the gross margin on a fixed basis
  • Offers extensive training, including e-learning